Smile, You’re Saving!
إبـتـسم، أنـت تــوفّـر!


Smile, you’re saving money! The HAPPY SMILES Rewards Program is a great way to save money and earn points with every purchase. How does it work?

- The customer is entitled to 100 “Smiles” for every 1$ spent in store.
- All the products (except fresh products) can be bought with a certain number of Smiles. Every time you shop, look at the number of Smiles mentioned on the shelves under each product and notify the cashier on the check out in case you would like to buy this product (s) with your Smiles.
- Smiles membership card holders can use their “Smiles” to settle their bill or part of it.
- Smiles balance inquiry can be checked on any receipt, at the customer service desk, through the website, or by calling the call center on 03142779.

Register for your Membership Card at the Customer Service Desk at any HAPPY Branch and start collecting points “Smiles” and enjoy the benefits of this program now!


Gray Mackenzie Retail


Gray Mackenzie Retail