Smile, You’re Saving!
إبـتـسم، أنـت تــوفّـر!

مش وقت تدفع حقّ الفزلكة

منتجاتنا بتفرق بالسعر، مش بالنوعيّة


The HAPPY Private Label range give us the ability to offer something distinct to our customers and liberate them from the tyranny of global brands.

Through our private label range, we can offer a product tailor made to the needs of our specific consumers.

In that context, HAPPY Private Label range comprises of more than 500 products (food and non-food) that are sold exclusively in HAPPY Stores.

The label offers excellent quality products with modern packaging at a very good price competing with the very best of other local and international brands in the market.

Gray Mackenzie Retail
Gray Mackenzie Retail